Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Talkative do?

Talkative allows you to connect with one click. See which of your users are online and instantly initiative a video, voice, or text chat with them.

We also alert you if users that meet a set of criteria you define are online, so you can engage with them when they are on your website. For example, you can search for users that have signed up for a free trial but not yet converted to a paid plan.

What are the benefits of using Talkative?

Our customers use Talkative across a variety of use cases, from conducting faster user research to accelerating sales to providing exceptional customer support. Ultimately, Talkative can be used whenever you want to instantly identify and engage with any user on your website, whether you want to interview them, to encourage them to sign up, or to provide support.

Who can I speak to through Talkative?

You can connect to anyone who visits your website.

How is Talkative different than Intercom or Drift?

Intercom and Drift are "push", meaning the user initiates contact with you through a chat box. We are "pull", meaning you can reach out to your users directly based on triggers or alerts that you set. Our goal is to make it absolutely painless to engage with your users, whereas Intercom and Drift are trying to automate your initial contact with users.

How is Talkative different than session replay apps like Fullstory or Hotjar?

Session replay allows you to watch how users interacted with your app after the fact. You can watch users, but you can't contact them to understand why they did what they did. We let you contact your users while they are interacting with you app to understand their user behavior with much more granularity.

Why would my users want to talk to me?

Users love a personalized connection with your company. They don't want to talk to a chat bot. They want to talk to a live human where they can ask questions and feel heard.

Can I video chat, voice chat, and text chat through Talkative?


Can my users share their screens through Talkative?

Yes, you can screenshare and co-browse directly with users.

Can you alert me to when a specific user or type of user is on our website

Yes, you can setup alerts via Slack or email.

How do I install Talkative on my website?

Simply copy and paste our Javascript snippet into every webpage you want Talkative active on. You can find more detailed instructions in our developer docs.

Do you store any data about my application or users?

Only what you send us. For example, if you want to identify a user and provide their email or track an event. All data is securely stored.

How many users can Talkative support?

We support applications up to hundreds of thousands of users.

Does Talkative work on both web and mobile?

No. Today Talkative is only available for web applications.